Wesgro’s Health Tech Industry Edition: Vekta

The third edition of Wesgro’s Pioneer’s magazine celebrates the leaders, the innovators and the trailblazers in the health tech industry operating in Cape Town and the Western Cape. Vekta Innovations featured in the edition.

With the global spotlight firmly on health tech, the publication profiles some of the very best businesses in the sector – from world-class digital health companies to businesses delivering cutting-edge medical devices.

Vekta Innovations has developed innovative process tools for efficient physical health management. The firm provides an IoT product for comprehensive feedback on muscular strength and the delivery of high-resolution data reports. Vekta’s focus is on improving the quality of data drawn from physical equipment. This is necessary for prescribed exercise performance, where hardware resistance profiles are used to establish muscular condition as a preventative approach to physical wellbeing for staff or patients.

The Vekta Kinedek is an IoT connected biokinetic device that uses a unique configuration system to facilitate controlled movement for exercise and/or assessment purposes.  The outputs are then displayed via a proprietary interface.

The article concludes by stating, “the future of [Vekta’s] business technology is best placed where it increases efficiency without displacing industry participants. The immediate call is from companies with large staff numbers that require a capacity for keeping track of their physical condition in order to prevent physical breakdown of their employees. This is done through pre-employment assessment, physical strength standards aligned with job suitability, return-to-work evaluations post-injury recovery, and three-monthly condition updates.”

For more information about Vekta Innovations or to enquire about the company, please visit Vekta’s venture page.

If the image above is not legible, the appropriate page from the publication can be viewed here.

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This is an adaptation of page 9 from the Pioneers Magazine Third Edition on Wesgro’s Website.

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