Vekta Innovations has developed a novel fitness and health management solution that is used in industrial and professional sports settings

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Newton Fortuin is the director of business & systems development and current CEO. John van Niekerk is the director of product development and current CPO (Chief Product Officer).

Vekta Innovations was established in 2015 to develop ground-breaking technology solutions though advanced manufacturing and product-oriented research. The firm’s core competencies are in integrated software development, electronic control and product design with quick turnaround prototyping.

Managed exercise is an imperative for enhancing and sustaining the quality of life of modern sedentary society.

The KineDek is an automated physical-condition monitoring, rehabilitation and strengthening Machine. The cloud-based DEMS enables data sharing between key players in the health, fitness, insurance, information technology and stakeholders in other related industrial sectors.

The solution has received endorsements from Professor Tim Noakes, Emiritus Professor Kit Vaughan and The Innovation Fund.

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