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The Venture Fund was born out of the experiences of the Incubator – where we saw many promising hardware startups that battled to raise funding. Until the establishment of the Savant Venture Fund, there was no dedicated early stage investor for hardware startups.



Cape Town
GU03 Collingwood Building
Black River Business Park
(South Park), Fir Street

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16 Baker Street

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We offer hands-on support to early stage entrepreneurs. We help you to build business, prove concepts, raise funds and take your technology to the next level.
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Pre-Seed Fund

Our pre-seed funding targets pre-revenue South African hardware technology companies that are underpinned by locally developed science and engineering innovations.
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Seed+ Fund

Our Venture Fund invests at seed+ stages. We look at promising science and engineering-backed ventures with product-market fit. Our funding facilitates market entry and early scale.
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