Energy Shift is a renewable energy company that designs and develops thermal components of photovoltaic-thermal (PV-T) solutions.

Savant venture image Energy Shift

The company is headed by Cheryl and Lee Prior, who both have established careers within renewable energy. Cheryl is a specialist in renewable energy systems and process quality control, and Lee is an experienced renewable energy engineer.

Energy Shift was founded in 2018 and on the back of the proprietary thermal solution invented by Lee Prior.

Energy Shift has designed components that are able to connect to any standard PV panel, thereby converting the PV installation to a full-blown PV-T installation. This significantly reduces the need for new capital expenditure on PV-T where companies already have PV systems installed. It also reduces the overall cost of a new PV-T installation by combining the retrofitted Energy Shift technology with standard PV technology, which unlike the newer integrated PV-T technology, has already been largely commoditised.

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