The MicroPatch is a patented, self-contained rapid-diagnosis HIV kit that simplifies testing and disposal for both clinicians and home users

Savant venture image Incitech

Loretta Magagula, the inventor behind the MicroPatch, is currently pursuing her PHD in Chemical Biology at the University of Cape Town. She founded Incitech alongside 3 other talented women, Danisa Nkuna (CEO, BSc Eng, M), Dineo Lioma (COO, BSc Eng), and Lindiwe Nkosi (CFO, BCom Busines Science).

Due to the team’s promise, they won the E2 Startup Challenge first prize in 2014. They were subsequently one of 9 winners in the Allan Gray Orbis Foundation and E2 Accelerator competition. While their inventiveness was recognised and rewarded at a conceptual stage, the team was challenged to raise further funding for product development. An industry insider then referred Incitech to Savant who successfully helped Incitech secure R500,000 in seed funding to turn their concept into a reality. The team also secured R50,000 from the SABF.

Traditional test kits require users to prick their fingers with a lancet, extract and drop their blood onto a test strip with a pipette and then drop buffer fluid onto the strip to mix with the blood. The MicroPatch, developed by Incitech, is a novel, yet easy-to-use device that removes these complexities by integrating all these components into the device.

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