Akili Labs develops rapid diagnostic systems to improve healthcare globally and improve quality of life

Charles Faul is the Co-CEO and CTO at Akili. He is a scientist and entrepreneur with qualifications in Biotechnology from Rhodes university and a software development background that allows for a unique understanding of the problems that the world face and how to solve them.

Lucas Lotter, the other Co-CEO, is a scientist and entrepreneur with a background in stem cell biology, 3D object and graphic design. He ensures that Akili Labs always maintains a customer centric approach to products and services.

Akili Labs is a biomedical firm with two arms, one focusing on bioequivalents / nutraceuticals and the other on medical diagnostic technologies. The firm has developed effective all-natural products that are underpinned by extensive scientific research.

It leads the way in low cost point of care based rapid diagnostic systems that are capable of testing for viruses, bacterial and fungal infections. These systems also allow for certain types of gene screening to be performed.

The firm is developing a novel hand-held diagnostic device which will bear significant improvements in size, and scope of its proven Field Lab product – a large, yet confirmatory mobile diagnostics lab for use in the field.

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