Smartblade Secures SEDA Funding

The SmartBlade video laryngoscope uses advanced smartphone technology and its patented sleek design to present a low-cost alternative to expensive video laryngoscopes. For more information on SmartBlade, please click here.

SmartBlade, has secured funding to commence industrialisation of the SmartBlade video laryngoscope. With the assistance of Savant, SmartBlade built a solid business case and funding application to the SEDA Technology Transfer Fund (TTF), which secured over 500 thousand Rand. The investment will be used to tool a much-needed mould for large-scale manufacturing of the first adult size SmartBlade. After a thorough due-diligence, including a visit to the manufacturing site in July 2018, SEDA awarded SmartBlade funding in August 2018.

This success comes soon after co-founder Dr. Caroline Corbett won the WFSA-Fresenius Kabi Anaesthesia Innovation Award for developing the device. SmartBlade’s success and positive press has sparked interest across the medical community, including hospital and prehospital (paramedic) professionals, medical device distributors and venture capitalists. The exposure has resulted in pre-orders for the SmartBlade devices.

This proudly South African grant takes us one step closer to being able to deliver world class standards of care in advanced airway management to those who would otherwise never have access to it!

Caroline Corbet

SmartBlade is excited to get the ball rolling with the size 4 Blade and looks forward to the introduction of different sizes of SmartBlade devices, including the paediatric range. TTF funding will provide the much-needed resources for tooling the first mould. Further investment will be needed for the three additional moulds, working capital, and general business running costs. We believe SmartBlade represents an attractive investment opportunity to private investors and venture capital firms.

SmartBlade is one step closer towards impacting communities by saving lives!

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