Rydwith: Security On-The-Go

“Rydwith provides access to a security-on-the-go service that, on the press of a button, alerts professional security services to your need and directs them to your location.”

Rydwith is the talk of the town, aiming to service a definite need in South Africa and wider communities by assisting local police and security authorities in more effectively responding to current safety needs, such as the rising kidnappings in South Africa.

Santina Iya, supported by Simphiwe Msibi, Wisane Shilumane, Mvelo Hloph, developed a wearable and discrete panic button that allows the user to share their location coordinates to local police, private security and loved ones.
As a precursor to the wearable panic button, Rydwith developed a freely available mobile application that performs a similar function to the panic button and is freely available to the public.

My interaction with Savant has been pleasant to say the least. The team is vibrant and friendly. They are not only willing but are also very enthusiastic about working with me. I am excited to have them a part of our team going forward.

Rydwith has attracted the attention of and participated in technology-based business accelerator programs, and is one of the latest additions to the Savant client portfolio. After successfully completing their accelerator program with Rise Cape town, Rydwith considered Savant as the next natural progression to developing their hardware technology solution.

Rydwith personifies the integration of the modern era Internet of Things (IoT) communication into usable hardware technologies that provides cost effective and inclusive solutions for South African and wider communities that need affordable personal security. Savant’s partnership with IoT service providers such as Sigfox is a valuable launchpad to hardware connected-technology vendors such as Rydwith and we look forward to being part of the Rydwith team.

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