Savant launches its 2024 investment readiness programme

Savant launches its 2024 investment readiness programme: Paving the way for sustainable growth in SADC Africa   

Savant is thrilled to announce the launch of its scaled-up investment readiness programme: the Savant Build Programme in partnership with USAID Southern Africa Mobilizing Investment. The programme is tailored specifically to support post-revenue science and engineering-based businesses in SADC Africa. This initiative signifies a transformative step towards addressing the continent’s green economy challenges and nurturing the expansion of cutting-edge sustainable solutions.  

The investment readiness programme is purpose-built to provide science and engineering founders with a formidable platform to accelerate their market presence, fortify their networking capabilities, and secure the essential capital needed to scale their operations. Through this initiative, startups will benefit from comprehensive support and resources that empower them to flourish in the ever-evolving green economy landscape.   

A Word from Savant:   

“As Savant, with our extensive experience in commercialising technology and a vast network of invaluable partners, we stand uniquely poised to guide startups through the complexities of the market and connect them with a broader audience. We invite post-revenue science and engineering-based businesses to apply to our Programme, as we aim to facilitate lasting and impactful change within South Africa’s Green economy.”  – David Rabinowitz, Programme Manager

About USAID Southern Africa Mobilizing Investment: 

USAID Southern Africa Mobilizing Investment uses a combination of technical assistance and catalytic grant funding to mobilize private sector investment into high-growth sectors, and to strengthen the skills, relationships, and information flows necessary to change market behaviour with the goal of creating a more dynamic and sustainable investment ecosystem. 

Don’t miss this opportunity to be a part of the solution. Interested entrepreneurs and startups are encouraged to visit the application link below. 

Applications close 16 February 2024. 

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