Driving Sustainable Agriculture

Adagin Technologies Selected for P4G Grant Funding

We’re excited to share a significant milestone in our journey towards sustainable agriculture: Adagin Technologies has been selected to receive grant funding from P4G to scale our precision farm management system. This opportunity couldn’t come at a better time as we continue to work tirelessly to drive sustainability and resilience in agriculture.

In emerging markets, small and medium businesses are the backbone, creating 7 out of 10 jobs. However, accessing climate finance remains a challenge due to low levels of investment-readiness and high-risk perceptions. Recognising this gap, P4G is stepping in to support early-stage businesses like ours, providing the funding and technical assistance necessary to accelerate climate transitions in food, water, and energy systems.

Adagin’s precision farm management system, powered by hardware trackers and cloud-based software, offers real-time insights to optimise yields and reduce waste. By digitising and monitoring the entire production process from field to pallet, we’re empowering farmers to enhance their incomes and minimise environmental impact simultaneously.

This partnership with P4G underscores Savant’s commitment to driving positive change in agriculture and demonstrates our dedication to supporting founders in scaling towards internationalisation.

Together, we’re pioneering green partnerships and working towards creating a more sustainable future for all.

Join us in celebrating this milestone and learn more about our mission to revolutionise sustainable agriculture.

Read the full announcement here: [Link to Announcement] #PioneeringGreenPartnerships #SustainableAgriculture

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