Revolutionising skincare with SNC’s Nanofiber technology

The power of SNC’s cutting-edge nanofiber technology in collaboration with SKOON.

Savant, a trailblazer in investment in innovation, has recently invested in The Stellenbosch Nanofiber Company (SNC), a leader in nanofiber product development and manufacturing, and SNC are now utilising their nanofiber technology to drive forward innovation within the beauty industry.

Transforming the skincare landscape

In the ever-evolving realm of beauty and skincare, innovation stands as a key driving force behind groundbreaking formulations that nourish and replenish our skin. With a vision to unlock the untapped potential of nanofibers within the skincare market, SNC joined forces with SKOON. to create the revolutionary NANOPOWER Face Serum range.

This pioneering collaboration between SNC and SKOON. has unlocked the full potential of SNC’s nanofiber properties and these properties now play a pivotal role in SKOON.’s beauty products, enabling the utilisation of high-potency, electrospun nanofibers to optimise active ingredient delivery and absorption, resulting in skin that feels refreshed, illuminated and exquisitely firm.

Introducing the SKOON. NANOPOWER Face Serum range

A world first, SKOON.’s NANOPOWER Face Serum range introduces a revolutionary concept in beauty products – waterless NanoPillow Face Serums infused with NANOPOWER HA (Hyaluronic acid). Developed in Cape Town, this unique skincare line is set to redefine our daily beauty routines through the transformative power of SNC’s bespoke nanofiber technology.

The tiny, supercharged nanofibers work their magic, delivering a lavish dose of pure hyaluronic acid in a more natural and controlled way, without any preservatives, directly to the skin’s deep dermal layers, resulting in a fresh, plump complexion that embraces the future of skincare innovation. This technology represents a remarkable shift in skincare with precise and targeted delivery of potent ingredients, ensuring an unparalleled level of absorption and efficacy that promises extraordinary effects as it brings nourishment and regeneration deep within the layers of skin, yielding results that are not only visible but also enduring.

The key benefits of nanofiber technology in skincare:

  • Increased efficacy: Nanotechnology in skincare enhances the delivery of topical actives into the skin’s deeper layers, resulting in heightened efficacy and visible results.
  • Precise delivery of actives: Each nanopillow contains the recommended dose of skin actives, ensuring the right delivery of actives to the skin with each treatment, ensuring uniform application and effective results.
  • Waterless beauty: The absence of water in the nanopillow serum means more potent formulations, free from preservatives, stabilisers and fragrances, delivering natural skin-loving actives, while also promoting water conservation.


Choosing SKOON.'s NANOPOWER Face Serums: A sustainable approach

“We take immense pride in our partnership with SKOON. to develop their NANOPOWER Face Serum. Their products not only exemplify a planet-loving, sustainable skincare approach but also reflect a steadfast commitment to responsibly sourcing natural African ingredients. This collaboration aligns in many ways with SNC’s goal of making the world a better place with Nanofibers.” – Dave Barron, Head of Finance at SNC.

The future is through collaboration and innovation

At Savant, our passion revolves around embracing the boundless power of innovation, and the alliance between SNC and SKOON. exemplifies this vision – a seamless fusion of science and nature, catalysing a skincare revolution marked by clean, compassionate, and impactful products. The SKOON. NANOPOWER Face Serum range signifies a monumental stride in skincare technology, offering potent solutions for an array of skin concerns.

“With the synergy of nanofiber technology and Savant’s unwavering dedication to driving innovation in Africa, the partnership between SNC and Savant holds the promise of fostering widespread positive change in the lives of people across the continent. Event more exciting is that this innovation extends beyond the beauty industry, sparking potential in healthcare and various other sectors,” says Kate Turner-Smith, Partner at Savant.

Kate continues; “through Savant’s investment in SNC, we envision a future brimming with opportunities to unlock groundbreaking collaborations that push the boundaries of nanofiber technology. The NANOPOWER Face Serum range, a result of the remarkable partnership between SKOON. and SNC, stands as a testament to the remarkable outcomes achieved when visionary companies come together. Collectively, they are propelling the boundaries of beauty, reshaping skincare routines, and serving as a wellspring of inspiration for advancements in healthcare and beyond. The possibilities are infinite, and the future of innovation shines brilliantly with Savant’s commitment to propelling progress through cutting-edge technologies.”

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