Healthcare on the move – Savant invests into Mia

“Supporting start-ups to grow is not just about investing in ideas; it’s about nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit, providing resources, mentorship and a platform for innovation to flourish,” says Thabelo Ratshihule, Commercialisation Manager at Savant. 

In the world of healthcare, innovation is paramount, and South African healthtech company Mia Health Technologies is a shining example of this. By seamlessly combining cutting-edge technology and the expertise of qualified dentists, Mia is revolutionising dentistry by bringing it directly to people’s doorsteps. With a fleet of mobile dental clinics and a commitment to providing affordable dental care, Mia is making oral health more accessible than ever before.

The importance of dental care and the challenge of accessibility in Southern Africa

Dental care is a cornerstone of overall health and well-being, often being referred to as a window into one’s overall health status. Good oral health not only ensures a radiant smile but also plays a vital role in preventing numerous health issues, from gum disease to cardiovascular problems.
Despite its significance, gaining access to affordable dental care remains a significant challenge in many parts of Southern Africa. Limited infrastructure, lack of resources and socioeconomic disparities contribute to this accessibility gap. As a result, a large portion of the population is left without proper dental care, leading to untreated dental issues that can escalate into more serious health concerns.


Providing accessible and inclusive dental care, enhancing workforce productivity

Mia Health Technologies is dedicated to revolutionising dental care with a two-fold mission: delivering convenient and cost-effective dental services while drastically minimising employee downtime and maximising productivity and retention through our innovative offerings. In addition to our commitment to bridging the oral healthcare gap for all Africans, Mia now offers three groundbreaking services: At home patients, Mia School Packages and B2B Mobile Dental Services. 

Our fleet of mobile dental clinics, equipped with fully qualified dentists and their mobile dental teams, ensures accessible and inclusive dental care for all. From routine X-rays and cleanings to cavity treatments and teeth whitening, Mia’s clinics are just a click away, guaranteeing quality dental care at your convenience.

Moreover, we are proud to introduce our revolutionary Mia Clear Aligner treatments, a game-changing approach to orthodontics that offers a discreet and efficient solution for teeth alignment. With Mia Does School Packages and B2B Mobile Dental Services, we are committed to significantly reducing downtime for students & employees; increasing overall productivity and retention rates within organisations. At Mia Health Technologies, we are transforming the landscape of dental care and workplace wellness.”


Mia Clear Aligners: The affordable orthodontic solution

One of the standout offerings from Mia Health Technologies is their innovative Mia Clear Aligner treatments. These orthodontic products are crafted from thin, strong, clear plastic, providing an alternative to traditional braces for specific orthodontic concerns. What sets Mia Clear Aligners apart is their affordability, made possible by local manufacturing in Cape Town. This commitment to cost-effective solutions aligns perfectly with Mia’s core philosophy of delivering affordable dental care across Southern Africa.


Savant's strategic investment: A testament to Mia's impact

Savant is committed to identifying game-changing ideas across Africa. That’s why we’re thrilled to invest in Mia Health Technologies. Thaheer Mullins, Partner at Savant, explains, “Mia’s immediate opportunity isn’t just in accessibility. They’ve innovatively sought to monetise and create stickiness for long term value through entrenched customer life cycles. Of course there’s also a proprietary tech layer that we’re really excited about that gives them an edge over their peers.”

As the first institutional investor to back the company, Savant’s aims to support the founding team of three to grow from a start-up into an institution, as well as help refine the strategic scalability of the organisation. Thus far, the team has shown great technical and commercial capability for its initial launch – with considerable commitment prior to the investment.

Dr. Zane Stenning, Co-founder of Mia Health Technologies and a Medical Doctor with an MBBCh degree from Wits, sheds light on the company’s journey. He states, “Mia is more than just a healthtech company; it’s a multidisciplinary team united by a shared goal of making quality dental care accessible to all Africans. Our vision is rooted in affordability and convenience, and we believe that Savant’s investment will help us scale our efforts even further.”

Mia Health Technologies’ partnership with Savant marks an exciting chapter in their journey to transform dental care accessibility. Dr. Zane Stenning’s hope for expansion, coupled with Savant’s strategic investment, positions Mia to reach new heights in its mission of affordable and inclusive dental care for all Africans. As technology and healthcare continue to intertwine, Mia is undoubtedly at the forefront, bringing smiles to both bank balances and faces across the continent.

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