Incitech Brings Better HIV Self-Testing

Meet Dineo Lioma, Incitech co-founder and a recent Queens’ graduate who wants to make HIV testing more accessible in South Africa.

Dineo Lioma matriculated in 2015, hailing from South Africa, headed to Queen’s College Cambridge, to pursue an MPhil in Micro & Nanotechnology Enterprise. Now a graduate, she shares her time between Cape Town and Johannesburg having co-founded InciTech, a medical diagnostics company focused on designing new, easy-to-use rapid diagnostics technologies.

Their flagship product under development is the MicroPatch, a HIV self-testing device. This product is designed to not only help remove the stigma of HIV testing by bringing a thorough, yet simple, testing device into the privacy of one’s own home, but will also be equipped with counselling and on-hand advice before and after the test to ensure the patient’s welfare is taken into account.

Dineo is motivated by innovation and the commercialisation of scientific research in the healthcare space to positively impact humanity and benefit society.

Dineo’s full interview was published in a recent edition of The Bridge magazine.

This is an adaptation from an article entitled, “Recent graduate Dineo Lioma bringing better HIV self-testing to South Africa” on the Queen’s College Cambridge website.

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