AI Diagnostics wins 1st place in Gauteng Accelerator Programme competition

AI Diagnostics, a Savant portfolio company and part of the Savant BUILD programme’s 2022 cohort, has been awarded first place in the Medical category of The Innovation Hub’s Gauteng Accelerator Programme (GAP) competition. 

Dramatically improving TB diagnosis in Africa

AI Diagnostics aims to improve public healthcare by deploying artificial intelligence algorithms to analyse digitised diagnostic inputs obtained from low-cost and point-of-care diagnostic hardware. The company’s current focus is to work on Tuberculous, with AI Diagnostics’ technology having the potential to dramatically improve TB diagnosis in Africa. The technology does this by detecting the disease from lung sounds captured by their digital stethoscope. AI Diagnostics’ portable screening tool then filters out TB-negative patients and helps curb the spread of the disease, while reducing lab costs, patient suffering, and misdiagnosis rates. 

AI Diagnostics receives first prize for GAP Medical Award 

The GAP Innovation Competition aims to find innovators, researchers and entrepreneurs that are working on novel technologies that will improve the efficiency of government service delivery, increase the competitiveness of the local economy and enhance the quality of life of ordinary citizens. 

In selecting the winners for this year’s cohort, the independent panel of judges considered business strategy, technology, market, the team, and impact of the technology. The award comes with seed funding and incubation services with technical and business mentors, intellectual property lawyers, and access to The Innovation Hub’s Incubation programmes.  

The future is bright

Savant would like to congratulate AI Diagnostics on this significant achievement, which reflects its innovative technology, sound business strategy, and social impact.

AI Diagnostic’s co-founder; Braden van Breda is excited about winning the award; “ Winning the GAP competition not only validates our efforts and tech but reaffirms the state’s support towards private innovation in medical diagnostics. This award, coupled with our time in the Savant BUILD Programme, has and continues to expose us to both public and private sectors where our TB screening solution provides tremendous value. We are excited to take the commercialization step and actively contribute to the fight against TB.”


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