In the weeks ahead, we will accompany our new cohorts on their journey through our structured six-month BUILD programme, where they will attend hands-on workshops and enjoy the benefits of personalised business advice and support from our experienced advisors. Together we will build and scale their hardware technology innovations into fully-fledged companies that are sure to make a mark in the South African start-up ecosystem.

Meet our Cohorts:

AI Diagnostics

AI Diagnostics is a health-tech company with the potential to change the face of TB diagnosis in Africa. AI Diagnostics grants superpowers to our healthcare providers by using AI technology to do all the diagnostic heavy lifting. They do this by detecting TB from lung sounds captured by their digital stethoscope.

In qualified hands, AI Diagnostics’ portable screening tool has the potential to half the number of TB-infected patients currently misdiagnosed or overlooked. While at the same time, this consumable-free tool filters out TB-negative patients – reducing the time spent on superfluous testing, curbing the spread of the disease, boosting treatment outcomes, and reducing patient suffering – while saving South Africa R300M annually in reduced lab costs alone.

Learn more about AI Diagnostics here:

Mushroom Guru

Mushroom Guru’s goal is to harness the power of nature, specifically in mushrooms, to change the face of healthcare. Mushrooms have been proven to mitigate the risk of developing serious health conditions, such as Alzheimer’s, heart disease, cancer, and, diabetes, while boosting the immune system. By tapping into disruptive technology advancements and unlocking the power of fungal medicines on the human body, Mushroom Guru aims to help the world regain optimal wellness.

Learn more about Mushroom Guru here:
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Using an IoT-based condition monitor (CM), Maintor helps to find and predict machine faults, reduce downtime and increase the lifetime and productivity of large, expensive machines – a service that is crucial in today’s manufacturing and production-oriented industry.

Whilst most operators will readily acknowledge the need for CM techniques, challenges with the cost, practicality and the specialised knowledge required to implement traditional CM techniques (e.g. vibration monitoring) have prevented CM from being applied to most industries.

Until now.

Maintor has built a proof-of-concept device and software program that can collect, localise, process and classify acoustic data that is set to revolutionise the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Cooling) and Mining industries.

WiPo Wireless Power

WiPo Wireless Power is a hi-tech logistics start-up intent on solving first and last-mile delivery problems, by supplying wireless power solutions for first-mile warehouse robotics and last-mile personal e-mobility vehicles, like e-bicycles, e-bikes, e-scooters, and drones.

Using a digital platform, WiPo integrates their wireless charging solution with manufacturers’ devices, allowing device operators to charge, monitor, and control their devices remotely. Through the use of   AI and Machine Learning WiPo is able to extend and improve battery life by optimising the charging cycles, and extending the platform to meet client’s needs and use cases.

Learn more about WiPo here:

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