What Is The Intelligent Safe?

Crime continues to be one of the country’s biggest concerns and statistics released in the latter part of 2017 show that a record-high of 20,680 armed robberies were recorded for the 2016/2017 period, equating to a staggering 57 attacks a day. A group of innovative thinkers have developed a smart solution to help retailers in South Africa safeguard their high-value goods against armed robbery.

The Intelligent Safe incorporates the very latest security tech and is fully engineered to offer an all-round solution that’s both protective and reactive.

The Intelligent Safe is used in the day-to-day retail environment as the primary dispensing system for high value stock. Only authorised personnel can access the safety compartments through the touchscreen display using a PIN code and biometric authentication and the intelligent system records when they were opened, for how long and by whom.

The store owner has live back-end access to the computer controller via a secure web portal on the internet and can monitor sales activity and all data logs, change security settings and instantly remove users or manually activate alarms.

Another smart feature of the Intelligent Safe is its RFID (radio frequency identification) stock management system option. It monitors stock movement in and out and also allows real-time stock counts from anywhere on the planet via the internet at the press of a button.

We believe the Intelligent Safe is going to help business owners sleep better at night and make robbers’ job much, much harder

David Park-RossCo-Founder

One of the Intelligent Safe’s standout features is that it comprises multiple electronically controlled and monitored safety compartments with adjustable time delay locks, which dramatically stalls any robbery attempt. Storing stock in separate compartments reduces the retailers’ risk and exposure to potential losses.

While the Intelligent Safe provides rock-solid fortification for retailers’ most valuable stock, it will also fend off and even help catch robbers trying to access it.

In overnight lock-down mode, it automatically activates a cloak of multiple built-in protective sensors, including human presence radar detection, door sensors, internal vibration sensor and an HD camera which records a sequence of HD images of any perpetrator approaching the safe.

Should any one of these sensors detect a breach of the safe’s security envelope, the computer controller immediately activates a sequence of defensive measures which include email and phone alerts sent to any designated security or user/owner phone numbers, internal siren activation, activation of a military-grade pepper-spray deterrent or optional blinding smoke screen, as well as activation of the store premises alarm.

Although it may sound like something from a James Bond movie, the Intelligent Safe is a practical solution to an everyday problem.

In addition, the company’s insurers are so confident of the Intelligent Safe product to the effect that they offer a bespoke Intelligent Insurance Package underwritten by Lloyd’s of London to any retailer with an Intelligent Safe installed, which affords a massive savings of typically 40% to 60% over other mainstream insurance packages currently available on the SA market.

Co-founder Giancarlo Bruno added: “We believe the Intelligent Safe is going to help business owners sleep better at night and make robbers’ job much, much harder.”

We realise how much pressure rising crime rates are putting on local retailers

David Park-RossIntelligent Safe Technologies MD

“We realise how much pressure rising crime rates are putting on local retailers – particularly those who trade in high-value goods, for whom a robbery could mean a devastating financial blow,” said company’s managing director David Park-Ross.

Not only is the Intelligent Safe set to fight back against perpetrators, but it’s also going to play a vital role in looking after retail staff safety and protecting their livelihoods.

In the preceding eight months the company has sold 22 units which have been installed across South Africa in Brits, Welkom, East London, Port Alfred, Grahamstown, Port Elizabeth, Humansdorp, Jeffrey’s Bay, Cradock, East London, Strand, Hout Bay, Constantia, Rondebosch, Paddocks, Gardens, Cape Gate and Montague Gardens.

“At the end of the day, we want to make the country a better place to live in and do business without the continuous fear of violent crime,” added Park-Ross.


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