SmartRoot™ manufactures the natural fertiliser products from source to increase agronomic efficiency

Savant Venture image SmartRoot

Nkululeko Ngqinambi founded SmartRoot™ in 2018. He is responsible for product development and oversees business development. He is currently the CEO. Nkululeko has a bachelor of science degree majoring in chemistry and geology. He has had further training in project planning focused on social innovation.

SmartRoot™ was established in 2018 with the aim to develop products that could help subsistence farmers improve the sustainability of their operations. The product testing and trials have proven successful and improved the commercial prospects of the product. Its first product is SmartRoot™

SmartRoot™ is a biofertilizer containing living cells of mycorrhizal fungi, with ability to mobilize nutrients and water for plant use through biological processes to increase crop yields, improve crop resistance to water stress and harmful pathogens.

SmartRoot™ products are suitable for use in a wide range of crops production systems and crop varieties, including: home gardening, nurseries subsistence/smallholder farming and organic farming.

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