The SmartBlade offers a low-cost alternative to expensive video laryngoscopes by replacing the screen with an app enabled smartphone

Savant venture image Smartblade

Dr. Caroline Corbett and Mr. Nicholas Nevin have 28 years of collective experience in anaesthesiology and emergency medicine.

SmartBlade is a medical device company specialising in the design, manufacture and distribution of innovative and patented medical solutions for the local and international market. Specifically, SmartBlade is focussed on supplying a cost effective, locally produced, simple but efficient piece of technology to a diverse market requiring video laryngoscopy.

SmartBlade offers a cost-effective alternative to expensive video laryngoscopes, thereby increasing access to video laryngoscopy. SmartBlade achieve this by harnessing advanced smartphone application technology, across Apple IOS and Android technologies, and cohesively linked it with video laryngoscopy in a sleek design, simplified by cutting edge biomedical engineering.

Video laryngoscopes provide a visual means of navigating difficult airways when performing needed medical procedures, including suctioning a soiled airway or intubating a patient. The SmartBlade device allows single operators of varied (including lower) skill levels to manage difficult airways. Video laryngoscopy is a vital area of technology that should be widely available to clinicians, thereby increasing access to more competent care. SmartBlade will improve patient outcomes and provide 1st world resources to resource constrained healthcare environments, increasing the capacity to save lives.

The smartphone integration into SmartBlade provide opportunity for a host of cutting edge digital services, including image/video recording and storage for various uses in the medical industry.

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