Savant’s Incubator Launches

Savant recently officially launched its hardware technology business incubator, in partnership with SEDA. Its offices in Zonnebloem in Cape Town were inaugurated by Small Business Development Minister Lindiwe Zulu.

A host of media and high profile delegates arrived to view meet, greet and view the products and presentations of some of Savant’s leading, hardware technology-focused, venture partners.

Some of the ventures on display and/or presenting included:

  • Smartblade – a medical devices company with a novel video laryngoscope that harnesses smartphone technology
  • Incitech – a rapid diagnostics and medical device company specialising in easy-to-use technologies for institutional and retail customers
  • Intelligent Safe Technologies – a manufacturer of smart, incredibly secure, multicompartmental safes for high-risk, high-value retailers
  • Quickloc8 – an innovative transportation logistics and visibility service provider
  • Stellenergy – an industrial concentrated solar power project that uses smaller, smarter and modular heliostats to overcome cost challenges
  • FormFoods – a food innovation company with worldwide, industry leading, proprietary technology that produces unique, cost-effective products in almost any food segment
  • Veggie Crisp – a healthy snack food innovator the produces vegetable crisps using real vegetable inputs and a patented process that excludes any unnatural additives
  • LiQuerc (formerly oranet) – a manufacturer producing an organic extract that is implemented during the wine-making process that makes it more cost effective and produces consistent results
  • AgriRevolution – have developed a mechanical, commercial agricultural product that improves soil conditions and therefore farm productivity

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