Opencharge Wireless Power Technologies

Founded: 2018
Partnered: 2018
Sector: Energy
Product: Wireless Charging and Advertising
Market Size: (EM): R3 billion
Differentiation: Advertising through wireless charging
Investment Stage: Alumnus: Venture & Grow Locally
Team: Denys Vera, Phebeon Vera and Joshua Fillmore

About Opencharge Wireless Power Technologies

Opencharge Wireless Power Technologies was founded in 2018 and on the back of novel hardware and software solutions invented by Denys and Phebeon Vera.

Opencharge Wireless Power Technologies is taking wireless power mainstream, by making it easier to transform everyday surfaces into smart wireless charging spots.

Value Proposition

The charging stations are ideal for hospitality retail environments. Customers simply charge their devices by placing them on the table where they are seated while they eat or drink or work. The power-as-service platform is turned into mobile engagement, making this amenity a pull factor for foot traffic, customer acquisition and loyalty.

Opencharge Wireless Power Technologies can service restaurants, cafés, bars, hotels, offices, co-working spaces or stadiums. Power as service, Insights and Engagement for your business.


Phebeon Vera

Phebeon Vera, the CEO and CTO, has been driving the business full-time, ensuring that the company could bootstrap its way through the technology development phase and realise its commercial prospects.

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