Year partnered with Savant: 2018
Sector: Energy
Application: Retail and Advertising
Product: Wireless Charging Station
Market Size: (Local) ZAR 3 billion (Global) USD 6.86 billion
Differentiation: Advertising through wireless charging
Investment Stage: Pre-Seed
Stage: Venture and Grow Locally
Founding Team: Denys Vera, Phebeon Vera, Joshua Fillmore

About Opencharge

Founded in 2018 by Denys and Phebeon Vera, OpenCharge Wireless Power Technologies stands at the forefront of the wireless charging revolution. The company is renowned for its cutting-edge hardware and software solutions that have positioned it as a leader in the industry. The flagship product, a charging station capable of delivering up to 15W Qi (extendable to 40W Proprietary) wireless charging, reflects the commitment to innovation. With Qi and AirFuel compliant intelligent chipsets, OpenCharge’s charging stations ensure enhanced performance and efficiency, offering a seamless and convenient power-as-service platform.

OpenCharge Wireless Power Technologies provides enterprise-grade solutions tailored for hospitality and retail environments. The company’s charging stations are engineered with durability in mind, featuring liquid and dust resistance for the preservation of both functionality and appearance. The semi-permanent mounting guarantees stability, deterring unwanted movement or tampering. The cloud-hosted platform facilitates effortless management of the entire wireless charging network, supporting Wi-Fi standard connectivity for data analysis and third-party integrations. This transforms wireless charging into a mobile engagement tool, attracting foot traffic, fostering customer acquisition, and building loyalty. OpenCharge Wireless Power Technologies is reshaping how businesses provide power services, from restaurants and cafes to offices, co-working spaces, and stadiums, with a focus on ease, reliability, and customer engagement.

Value Proposition

OpenCharge Wireless Power Technologies offers businesses a gateway to seamless, efficient, and innovative wireless charging solutions. The charging stations, capable of delivering up to 15W Qi (extendable to 40W Proprietary) wireless charging, bring a new level of convenience to customers. The Qi and AirFuel compliant intelligent chipset enhances performance and efficiency, simplifying the charging experience. With a cloud-hosted platform, businesses can effortlessly manage their entire wireless charging network, enabling data analysis and third-party integrations for a comprehensive and tailored experience. OpenCharge’s enterprise-grade durability ensures longevity, featuring liquid and dust resistance, as well as semi-permanent mounting to deter tampering. OpenCharge turns everyday surfaces into smart wireless charging spots, making it the preferred choice for businesses seeking to enhance customer experience, foot traffic, and loyalty.


Phebeon Vera

Phebeon Vera is the CEO and founder of Opencharge, a company creating a widespread public charging network for smartphones and wearables. Prior to Opencharge, he co-founded Amai Technologies, specializing in speech and audio technology. Phebeon played a key role in developing speech processors for major brands such as Microsoft Xbox, Sony Playstation, and Zoll Medical defibrillators. Amai Technologies was later acquired by Nellymoser Inc, where Phebeon contributed to content delivery mobile applications for companies like MTV, Warner Music Group, IGN/Fox, Microsoft, Sony, and more.

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