LIQID Medical

Partnered: 2022
Sector: BioTechnology
Industry: Novel Ophthalmology
Product: Glaucoma Stent
Market Size: (G) USD 800 million
Differentiation: Novel treatment approach
Investment Stage: Technology Development
Stage: Technology Development
Team: Dr. Daemon McClunan

About LIQID Medical

LIQID holds ten patents covering the design and application of their novel devices, of which many patents have been filed and awarded across various global territories.

The patented devices have been designed to harness a naturally occurring anatomical mechanism to provide the most clinically effective, cost saving, and quality of life improving solutions for glaucoma, a leading cause of global blindness.

Value Proposition

Glaucoma is an eye disease caused by a build-up of fluid pressure within the eye. Pressure related effects damage the optic nerve and cause permanent vision loss. Glaucoma remains the leading cause of irreversible blindness worldwide, currently affecting 76 million people and expected to affect 111 million by 2040. It is also one of the most cost and labour-intensive eye diseases to treat.

Currently, the most effective means of treating glaucoma involves draining excess fluid from the eye via the traditional drainage pathway by implantation of a tube-shunt device.


Dr Daemon McClunan

MBChB(Stel), DipOphth(SA), MMed(UCT), FCOphth(SA)

Dr McClunan completed his specialist training at Groote Schuur Hospital where he was the recipient of the Geoff Howes and Ophthalmic society medals awarded to the highest achieving candidate nationwide. He was later awarded his MMed degree with distinction for research into novel corneal surgery. While acting as CEO for LIQID, Dr McClunan is completing his PhD in glaucoma device development at the University of Cape Town. Additionally, he serves on the executive committee of the South African Glaucoma Society and is an honorary senior lecturer at the University of Cape Town.

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