Intelligent Safe Technologies

Founded: 2012
Partnered: 2017
Sector: Advanced Manufacturing
Products: IS-1001, IS-1501 & IS-2001
: Retail security, inventory management
Market Size: (L): $71 million (G): $6.9 billion
Differentiation: Integrated controller, Inventory management
Investment Stage: Technology development and early market entry

About Intelligent Safe Technologies

Intelligent Safe Technologies is a specialised engineering firm focusing on designing, developing and manufacturing technologically advanced security management systems for retail operations, hospitals and government organisations. The team’s strength lies in the diverse, elevated level of expertise of its principals.

Intelligent Safe Technologies has designed and built a pre-production prototype, the nine-compartment IS-901 Intelligent Safe™, which has been trialled. Lessons learned have been incorporated into the final IS-1001, IS-1501 and IS-2001 Intelligent Safes™, which have ten, fifteen and twenty compartments respectively. The safes are designed to integrate with existing security measures and provide added security measures as well as digitised stock control.

Value Proposition

Many retailers with high-value, off-the-shelf merchandise face the threat of on-premises robberies. Majority of stock is stored at the back of the store in a safe or vault out of view of customers. Criminals often break into the front of the store and remove the merchandise that is customer-facing, or make their way to the back of the facility and forcibly remove stock. In either event retailers experience traumatised staff (loss of productivity), dented bottom lines (loss of sales, customers and suboptimal operations) and higher insurance premiums (increased risk profiles after claiming). Unlike incumbent solutions, the Intelligent Safes, coupled with a specifi c insurance product, suffi ciently deter burglars from removing as much high-value merchandise as they can, resulting in a minimal loss of stock as well as a reduction in suboptimal operations and lower insurance premiums. The units also address limited storage space and typically high rental costs per square metre, as retailers do not always have multiple storage rooms or the capacity to install multiple security units at the back of their store.


David Park-Ross

David Park-Ross’s engineering expertise covers a broad range of disciplines, including pressure vessels for human occupation, life support systems, pressurized systems, piping and instrumentation, structural steel, machining processes, welding processes and corrosion protection.
His primary background is in the design, manufacture and marketing of military and commercial diving systems, submarine rescue decompression systems, military diver transport chambers, decompression chambers, diver heating systems and associated underwater life support equipment, in accordance with international certification standards, for navies, seaborne special forces and commercial diving contractors around the globe.

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