Y-Mentor offers real-time, cost-effective monitoring and intelligent analysis of key parameters in the winemaking process

Paul haller has been a hobby winemaker for the past seven years and has been making a small amount of shiraz, viognier and lately cabernet sauvignon. As every winemaker attempts to improve his or her wine over time, Paul researched extensively how to improve quality.

He discovered the winemaking process is complex, challenging and full of myths and contradictions, especially for hobbyist producers. Thus Paul developed Y-Mentor to tackle this problem.

While Paul may have been making wine for close to a decade, Y-mentor was registered as a separate entity in 2017, shortly before partnering with Savant.

Y-mentor provides hardware technology that makes it possible to intervene in the wine-making process to ensure optimum processing at all times. This is achieved through decision-making based on smart management of measurements and real-time data.

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