Veggie Crisp uses patented technology to transform fruit and vegetables into crisp snacks for middle-to-high income consumers

Savant Venture Image Veggie Crisp

Michaelo Melnyczuk is an expert in the field of food technology and innovation and the brain behind the leading patented technologies upon which Veggie Crisp has been built.

Gerard Cooke is the managing director. He oversees the strategic and operational implementation of the technologies and its outputs in a manufacturing and commercial context.

Veggie Crisp has been refining the commercialisation of the process and manufacturing the final product since 2012. It holds an exclusive licence to the internationally registered patent, and is currently scaling up the manufacturing facility to meet local demand, as well as introducing new manufacturing methods to reduce costs and increase throughput.

The products are pre-packaged, immediately edible, vegetable crisps for instant- and convenience-food oriented consumers.

The crisps are currently sold in Woolworths as: sea salted black pepper beetroot (award winning), carrot, sweet potato, potato and mixed vegetable crisps and slimmers. They are packaged into 25g, 36g and 100g units. Kripps, the company’s own brand, enjoys independent distribution.

The company will launch world first crisp products under their own brand (currently in development) in early 2018.

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