Trailblazer has developed a patented process for transforming industrial waste water into usable water and commercially saleable products

The core team shares a wealth of experience across the fertilizer, agriculture and chemical processing industries.

Alastair Forsyth has 30+ years in the fertilizer industry. The inventor, John Bewsey(Pr Nat Sci) is a chemical engineer with 50+ years’ experience in chemical processing and water treatment industries. James Cockburn is a qualified CA with 25 years of senior management experience, partly in the fertilizer industry. The collective has a cumulative 105 years senior management and fertilizer industry experience.

Established in 2006, Trailblazer Technologies is a developer and licensor of innovative chemical treatment technologies, ranging from conceptualisation to commercial utilisation. Trailblazer has a key focus on industrial and mining waste water treatment as well as a passion for improving agricultural use of water.

The product is Trailblazer’s novel, globally patented chemical water treatment process aimed specifically at waste water with high concentrations of total dissolved solids.

At the core of the process is the KNeW technology, complimented by two additional technologies – ZIX-Zak and NOx. In addition to treating the water it also produces commercially saleable products used as fertiliser ingredients. Although the KNeW process can be a stand-alone solution, Trailblazer’s complementary patented technologies, ZIX-Zak and the NOx dissolver, further increases the efficiency and reduces cost. This results in a commercial viable solution and depending on the effluent, a profitable water treatment process.

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