The perfect balance of an optimised system, high accuracy, smart control, reduced cost structural and control system components

The heliopod technology package was developed during the Helio100 technology development project by a handpicked group of concentrated solar engineers, all graduates from the University of Stellenbosch’s Centre for Renewable and Sustainable Energy Studies (STERG).

Stellenergy is a privately-owned project development and implementation company with up till now has been self-funded, but seeking investment for the design for volume. Stellenergy has a service partner agreement with Stellenbosch university (SU).

The Heliopod heliostat system comprises 3 main components; a patented pod structure, the collector system (6 mirror facets mounted on the pod with dual actuation), and an advanced control system.

The heliopod is further novel because of its extremely high accuracy – developed specifically with next generation CSP applications in mind, and a revolutionary approach of ‘plonking’ the pod on an unprepared surface without the need for civil works, trenching or cabling. Wireless communication and an intelligent control system ensures seamless control across the entire field and ongoing accuracy optimisation.

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