Source Ice Global intends to provide the events market with a cheaper, cleaner and more convenient way of serving beverages

Thomas Malinowski has more than 20 years of sales and business development experience. Thomas is also an innovator hobbyist constantly developing new products with significant competitive advantages in existing industries.

Source Ice Global was established in 2012. Over several years, under the Source Ice banner, Thomas has designed and protected a range of products involving individually packaged ice modules that are filled and sealed at source and are thus uncontaminated and untouched by human hands. Source Ice’s various product concepts align to Thomas’ vision of delivering ice-related products that are pure, hygienic, innovative and convenient to consumers around the globe.

The Smash Ice cup is currently being developed. It boasts a patented beverage receptacle design that incorporates a cup, ice and a mechanism for releasing the ice once a beverage has been added. The frozen cup and ice combo enables quick beverage mixing and serving.

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