Snuza saves infant lives and improves quality of life for parents by monitoring infant sleeping patterns

Around 10 years ago Greg Gallagher envisioned a superior portable breathing monitor for babies. He wanted to make something that improves lives – something that gives parents the peace of mind that they so badly need during that first critical year of their baby’s lives.

Greg asked himself if he had the opportunity to be alerted to his baby having stopped breathing, would he want to know? Greg couldn’t imagine any parent answering no to that question and developed Snuza.

It took a few years to register patents, develop and test technology as well as get the necessary certifications. By 2008 Snuza was in the market.

Snuza initially approached various retailers in South Africa which proved to be futile at the time. It was too early for the South African market, so in the interests of getting a device to market sooner rather than later, Snuza shifted its attention to the rest of the world. After much success to date, the devices have racked up 1 billion hours of tried and trusted use – more than 100,000 years.

The Snuza® HeroMD baby monitor is a wearable device which attaches to a baby’s diaper and monitors the baby’s breathing. The HeroMD detects the slightest of breaths and will alert parents/guardian if breathing is weak or less than eight breaths per minute. If the Snuza® HeroMD detects no breathing for 15 seconds, it will vibrate in an effort to rouse the baby to resume breathing.

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