Signal Bioscience aims to revolutionise lifestyle disease prevention using functional nutritional supplements

Karim Dhanani left the well trod path of academia when the opportunity arose for him to actualise his entrepreneurial dream of working on an endeavour that is of “critical importance to humanity”. This is what excites him and the reason he decided to establish Signal in the field of medical biotechnology. His scientific skills combined with his creative entrepreneurial mind, make a formidable combination.

Signal Bioscience is a nutrigenomics company that designs and develops evidence based nutritional supplements aimed at lifestyle disease prevention. Signal’s products respond to genetic disease signals, using an orchestra of relevant bioactive dietary constituents. Signal aims to revolutionise lifestyle disease prevention.

This business idea was born whilst working on complementary technologies in Agri-biotech. The realisation of the impact that the given technologies could have when applied to humans was too great to ignore. Signal Bioscience was born soon after, and the rest is history.

Signal’s first product, ASIS-2, targets the type 2 pre-diabetic market and the obesity weight loss market. It is also suitable for the greater weight-loss market. ASIS-2 increases insulin sensitivity and basal metabolic rate, it is based on natural ingredients, is stimulant free and promotes weight-loss at the cellular level.

ASIS-2 is the first of a range of products in the Signal Bioscience pipeline.

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