Renewco provides innovative renewable energy and waste disposal solutions with a specific focus on integrated biogas

Tumelo is a seasoned production and project manager with 20 years’ experience spanning across automotive, energy, and mining industries. His process engineering skillset is best applied to identifying and solving failure modes and challenges that arise from project planning and execution.

Renewco focusses on the design, construction and operation of Biogas Plants. Biogas is an organic waste management and renewable energy solution. Key industries that benefit from biogas technology are food processing factories, dairies, feedlot animal farming, abattoirs and breweries.

Off grid electricity and heat (optional) produced from producers’ own waste streams are perfectly suited to power small and medium scale applications.  The complete offering comprises an end-to-end, environmentally-friendly and sustainable waste management solution with no / or minimal waste to landfill.

The digesters are based on conventional Continuously Stirred Tank Reactor (CSTR) technology and incorporates two locally developed patents that significantly reduce the construction and operational costs of biogas plants.

Organic waste is fed on a daily basis, and through the process of anaerobic digestion, bacteria convert the organic material to methane and carbon dioxide. The methane can then be used for heating or power generation.

The end product from the digester is a low odour, high nutrient fertiliser.