An organic extract that is implemented during the wine-making process that makes it more cost-effective with consistent results

Dr Katz (PhD Micro Biology) spent the majority of his career, over 40 years, focused on extraction processes in the Vaccines industry before turning his attention to his passion for oenology.

liQuerc’s products are the result of Dr. Woolf Katz’s iterative research and development into oak wood extraction and concentration over 25 years. He has worked with an extensive list of winemakers and breweries, including Neil Ellis, Ken Forester, Guy Webber, Distell and Harfield Brewery to name a few, in tailoring his liquid wood concentrates to suit their production needs.

liQuerc MONO and liQuerc POLY are ethanol based concentrates extracted from premium quality french and american oak wood under specific preparation conditions. These products offer a better solution to barrel wood alternatives used extensively for maturation and structuring in the wine, beer/cider and spirits industries.

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