Proprietary platform for advertising media managers to run targeted, in-store campaigns with measurable brand engagements

John is an electronic engineer with over 40 years’ post-graduate experience in the systems, solutions architecture, technical development and marketing fields. He has designed, successfully developed and deployed several internationally-patented systems and solutions with a wide range of technologies in conjunction with marketing, installation and maintenance teams.

Dianne has participated in numerous start-up companies such as Redline Communications (Canada), 3Com, Zapper and Argility. Dianne has vast experience in large retail project rollouts, including point-of-sales systems and solutions for Engen, The Foschini Group, OK Stores, JD Group, Vodacom, FurnMart in SA and Botswana and Moss Bros in the UK.

Inxor is an advertising technology provider that replaces the traditional price poll with an intelligent brand engagement solution. The brand engagement solution provides access to mobile payment providers for easy integration and collects customer purchase data in real-time.

Inxor has built a unique hardware plug and play solution that replaces almost ANY traditional retail price pole display unit with a high resolution, intelligent, connected, remotely managed panel PC with built-in mobile payments.

The device acts as the interface to allow for data collection, real-time marketing, customer engagement and contactless payment. Its compact design also allows for the replacement of bulky promotional items and saves space on the high-value “real-estate” at the till point. The device has been designed for use across multiple point-of-sale platforms, which provides significant flexibility for rolling out across retail networks.

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