Formfoods has the unique ability to turn any food ingredients into any shape or form, naturally and efficiently

Michaelo Melnyczuk is an expert in the field of food technology and innovation and the brain behind the leading patented technologies upon which Formfoods has been built.

Formfoods started its journey as a very different company. Initially in the business of licencing sausage processing equipment to an Italian equipment manufacturer, Formfoods pivoted and became an R&D and food innovation company when it partnered with Savant in 2008.

Realising the potential of creating high value end products from undervalued off-cuts across various food categories, the business repositioned itself. Formfoods’ initial product range is now a favourite item in the baskets of numerous Woolworths health shoppers nationwide.

Formfoods has a broad product range spanning both the fresh produce and red meat, poultry and fish categories.

Processed fresh produce is currently the leading revenue driver. Products include: vegetable based noodles, pizza bases, wraps and lasagnes. These are made from vegetables such as butternut, kale and cauliflower and contain no added starch, sugar, gluten or grains. These products are high end niche products catering to the Convenience Health Food and gluten free market.

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