Dose Dr. is a novel, easy-to-use, oral medicine dispenser that will change self-medication – particularly children – on an international scale

In 2008, Robert Martin and Alex Oelz set out to solve an intractable problem facing pharmaceutical companies – develop a childproof cap that was both effective and user friendly. Through dedication, perseverance and passionate commitment they not only managed to develop a ground-breaking safety cap.

After a further significant investment in time, effort and money, the Dose Dr. was created. The Dose Dr. represents an enormous change in mindset over the traditional bottled medicine available today.

Menliset is an evolution of the path that Robert and Alex embarked on in 2008. The firm has several patents (including Dose Dr.) in key regions where its products have significantly scalable opportunities.

Dose Dr. is a novel, plastic and rubber cartridge and applicator system. It includes a series of mechanisms requiring users to employ logic – rather than force – to gain access. This ensures that immature children cannot easily load cartridges and/or dispense the medicine themselves. Use of cartridges ensures consistency across specified single or multiple doses.

The Dose Dr. is a ground-breaking innovation that will change the way people administer medication, particularly to children.

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