Edge-driven, machine-learning hardware and distributed artificial intelligence to improve data processing and predictive analytics

Savant Venture image Cognitive Systems

Anet is the founder of Cognitive and has over 20 years’ experience in agent-based Systems. She specialises in distributed artificial intelligence and cognitive computing in streaming big data environments, including video and sensor streams. Anet has a PhD in computer science.

Robin joined the company as MD during 2016 after previously working closely with the Cognitive team for a client company. He bought into the vision of the company. He brings 16 years’ project management and business development experience and has an MBA as well as a Masters in Land Development.

Founded in 2014, Cognitive Systems is an Artificial Intelligence company that has built an AI engine – the Artificial Mind Engine or AME – on which specific AI solutions can be built. As such they essentially compete with (or provide an alternative to) the likes of Amazon AWS, Google, Microsoft Azure and others.

Cognitive Systems’ primary market-ready product is SeeingAME. It is a white-label, context-aware video surveillance technology for continuous, in-stream behaviour monitoring and anomaly detection. SeeingAME is gaining market attention mainly in monitoring and security applications.

The architecture ultimately allows Cognitive Systems to build out solutions(centralised or distributed) across multiple sectors on the AME platform, or alternatively allow sophisticated developers to build bespoke solutions for company or industry specific challenges. SeeingAME was chosen as the most commercially viable near-term opportunity to demonstrate the commercial proof of concept of the AME (Artificial Mind Engine).

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