Beonics decreases poultry grower costs, improves food efficacy and increases poultry survival rates – resulting in higher profits per poultry unit

Dr. Thompson is a qualified nutritionist with experience in raising funding and coordinating projects involving industry partners. Mr Collet has technical knowledge of production equipment and animal health management.

Founded in 2008, the company’s board of directors comprise the CEO and CTO Dr. Ernst Thompson (PhD, Rhodes), Paul Collet (MsC, Rhodes), and Nick Allen (BSc Eng, MBA, UCT). The company has conducted successful, successive commercial trials in South Africa.

Vivocare, a natural plant extracted feed additive, prevents losses in broiler production in the absence of antibiotic use. Commercial trials with Vivocare have shown not only a reduction in production loss, but an increase in productivity of more than 6% in the absence of antibiotics. This effectively doubles profitability of farming activities in the suppressed South African poultry market.

Vivocare is Beonics’ premium broiler feed additive which has now reached the end of its development, and is ready for commercialisation in local and global markets. Vivocare fully complies with food safety standards and feed additive legislation.

The product has undergone multiple rounds of independent and commercial trials and is endorsed by industry thought leaders Prof. Rob Gous and Dr. Johan du Plessis.

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