The perfect balance of an optimised system, high accuracy, smart control, reduced cost structural and control system components

Ian De Vries has a PhD from the University of Cape Town and 12 years of experience in product development in power electronics and brings a majority of the core technical competence.

In addition to Ian’s field of expertise in power electronics, Balancell has benefited from individuals and companies with cutting edge technical expertise in the fields of GSM monitoring (Intricode Solutions/Digital Cube), power metering (Johan Wagner), secure web development (Robert Myles) and product development/ industrialisation (Pierre Becker/Skeg).

Balancell stems from Adequate Energy, a power-electronics company focused on developing solutions for the energy sector. The company was founded in 2003 on the expertise and experience of Dr Ian de Vries.

After years of development and investment, Balancell completed and patented the first fully functional, commercially viable active cell balancer. In so doing the firm has resolved a century old weakness of all chemical batteries, and offers industrial battery users greater flexibility, improved efficiency, longer life span and better utilisation from their current battery packs, as well as future installations.

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