AgriREVOLUTION’s Soil Deep Work machinery re-engineers soil to optimise the soil’s composition; thus, unlocking the soil’s full productive potential

The core team consists of Koos Stofberg (BSc Agriculture) and Louis de Lange (PhD organic chemistry). Stofberg has 35 years of experience in wine making and soil sciences. Dr de Lange has 30 years of senior management experience in the South African chemical and agricultural sectors, with a strong focus on marketing, manufacturing and R&D.

AgriREVOLUTION was been established by Koos Stofberg and Louis de Lange in South Africa to revolutionize the productivity of the agricultural farmland through targeted interventions. Any country or region which relies on the soil as an integral asset in its economic strategy will benefit materially from the impact of the agricultural revolution which AgriREVOLUTION can bring about.

AgriRevolution’s machinery is based on its patented Soil Deep Working (SDW) approach to soil preparation in the form of a self-power working unit to be drawn by an appropriate vehicle. The SDW approach yields superior de-compaction and soil mixing outcomes at up to 1m depth. The depth of application is adjustable to serve a variety of applications. The rotational penetration mechanism and mixing chamber allows for the introduction of fertilizers and soil additives directly into the soil, at root depth, minimising runoff waste to yielding a homogenous outcome. The addition of cutting blades to the rotational device enables root pruning resulting rejuvenation of existing orchards etc.

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