Savant Venture Fund

Savant Venture Fund focuses on investing in early-stage technology companies with protectable technologies and sustainable competitive advantages. The Fund recently completed its first close with SA SME Fund of R110mn. It is the logical next step for Savant Technology Incubator and will invest in stage 4 (Venture & Grow) of the proprietary 5-stage technology commercialisation model.


Nick Allen

Nick Allen is a civil engineer with an MBA and additional education in IP management, Venture Capital, Private Equity and corporate Governance. He has a passion for building businesses from first principles. He is a founder of Savant and has been commercialising technology businesses for 17 years, taking food tech, medical devices and renewable energy businesses from concept stage to the international market.

Savant Francois Malan

Francois Malan

Francois Malan is an Industrial Engineer with and MBA. Francois comes from an operations management and technical project management background within the manufacturing industry before moving into the innovation and entrepreneurship environment. Having been with Savant for 9 years, Francois remains passionate about helping inventors and innovators turn their technology ideas into reality while building a sustainable business around them.

Kate Turner-Smith

Kate Turner-Smith has a doctorate in Clinical Laboratory Medicine and a MBA. She is also well versed in IP management, Venture Capital, Private Equity and Corporate Governance. She was a founder of Savant in 2005 and has a natural aptitude for technology commercialisation. After spending 10 years as an investment banking analyst, focusing on Healthcare, Real Estate and Telecommunications, she re-joined the Savant team in 2017.

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