Pre-Seed Fund

Savant is a sector agnostic incubator and venture capital company that exists to help hardware technology businesses conceptualize, invent and scale.

We invest in South African hardware technology companies that are underpinned by locally developed science and engineering innovation. Our aim is to promote South African companies that have developed products that appeal to both local and international markets and have a sustainable competitive advantage.

Our technology development Pre-Seed Fund is supported by the Technology Innovation Agency (TIA), aimed at assisting knowledge economy based SMMEs to access bridging finance to advance their innovative ideas to market. Savant developed an incubation program that can effectively guide the startups to grow their ideas into commercial ventures.

Our Pre-Seed Fund is supported by the Savant Venture Fund and focuses on early-stage technology companies that need to refine their technology development and market entry. The fund was established to strategically prepare companies for a follow on investment from the Savant Venture Fund.

Investment Mandate

Our Pre-Seed Fund invests in early stage science and engineering-based hardware, deep-tech and IoT startups with both local and international market opportunities.

We invest early in world-class founders attacking large, global markets. We believe at the core of a great business, is a great team. We look for teams that are passionate, driven, and coachable. We are active investors and get involved in growing and developing the business, in order to realise value. We invest from R250 000 to R1 500 000 using SAFEs, convertible notes and other relevant early stage funding mechanisms.

Investment Structure

Our Pre-Seed fund investments are typically structured as SAFE Notes. A SAFE acts like convertible debt without the interest rate, maturity, and repayment requirement. Click here to view  Y-Combinator on SAFE Notes:

Pre-Seed Fund Portfolio

Improve data processing and predictive analytics through edge-driven machine learning.
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Hypernova Space Technologies builds cutting-edge electric propulsion for small satellites.
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Vuhosi MedTech provides a cost effective and versatile Wheelchair automating solution
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Smartroots aims to solve is the lack of access to affordable, effective and environmentally sustainable fertiliser
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