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Akili Labs

Destiny’s man of the moment

Akili’s achievements were lauded in the DestinyMan’s November/December 2018 issue. This Pretoria-based award-winning biotech start-up developed a low cost rapid medical diagnostic solution used for…
November 1, 2018
Savant Smartblade WFSA Fresenius Kabi Anaesthesia Innovation AwardSmartBlade

Smartblade secures SEDA funding

The SmartBlade video laryngoscope uses advanced smartphone technology and its patented sleek design to present a low-cost alternative to expensive video laryngoscopes. For more information…
October 2, 2018
Nick Allen Savant Technology Incubator CEOSavant

Ventureburn Fundraising Q&A

Cape Town tech incubator Savant is busy raising funding for 4 of the 16 technology-related companies in its portfolio — while pursuing second-round funding for another 9, the incubator’s CEO Nick Allen…
June 6, 2018