Do I need to be incubated to receive seed funding?

No. Incubation and seed funding can happen as stand alone initiatives, although we recommend incubation.

My company develops software, can I apply?

Unless there is a hardware component we will not get involved. Savant works with hardware technologies.

My company already exists and we want to expand our product portfolio, can we apply?

Yes, we are open to helping projects within existing companies.

I am looking for an investor, but don’t need any commercialization help from Savant.

Savant assists strategically pairing companies with value-added investors. However, this is usually paired with an incubation component.


I want to invest in one of Savant’s ventures, what now?

We have various ventures in various stages at any one time, please contact us using the Enquire page to find out more about a specific project, or about projects matching your risk profile

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