Vuhosi Medtech

Founded: 2021
Partnered: 2022
Sector: Advanced Manufacturing
Industry: Health Technology
Product: Wheelchair automation Module
Market Size: (Local) ZAR 4.3 million (Global) USD 2.7 billion
Differentiation: Cost-effective and versatile Wheelchair automation solution compatible with most standard wheelchairs.
Investment Stage: Seed
Stage: Venture & Grow Locally
Team: Vukosi Mboweni and Tiyani Chabalala

About Vuhosi Medtech

Vuhosi MedTech manufactures cost effective wheelchair automating modules that can be easily attached to most manual wheelchairs in the market and convert them into full electric propelled wheelchair.

This module is offered along with a controlling joystick which is installed on the armrest of the wheelchair. Moreover, Vuhosi MedTech also supplies other add-on accessories like safety and all terrain wheels.

Value Proposition

The wheelchair module is compatible with most manual wheelchairs already in the market and unlike competitors’ solutions, this module does not need any installation of many components thus providing a seamless solution that results in a sustainable competitive advantage.

This also allows Vuhosi MedTech to remain ahead of its electric propelled wheelchair competitors who require full replacement of a manual wheelchair, thus making it expensive for people in serious need of autonomy


Vukosi Mboweni

Currently enrolled at UCT for a MSc (Eng) degree in Electrical Engineering researching Machine learning applications in Cyber-physical systems security. He holds a BEng Electrical Engineering degree from the University of Pretoria and has great interest in embedded systems. He has extensive experience in LV and MV electrical systems, renewable energy and embedded systems. Vukosi also has the passion and direct insight through his experience with a family member struggling with the very problem he is trying to solve.

Tiyani Chabalala

He holds an MPhil in Engineering Management from the University of Johannesburg and has great interest in business strategy, digital transformation, innovation management and business optimization in the minerals, railway, supply chain and consulting space. My Motto in life has always been “hard work is like a flight of stairs it will always take you to the top”

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