Year partnered with Savant: 2023
Sector: IoT Industrials & Utilities
Industry: IOT
Product: Visiosoft designs, develops and manufactures devices to acquire data required to analyse and grow businesses. Its solutions take the hassle out of device/network management.
Market Size: (Local) ZAR 60 billion (Global) 500 billion
Differentiation: Proprietary IoT-VOS firmware that provides unparalleled flexibility, efficiency, and low failure rates.
Investment Stage:  Seed
Stage: Venture & Grow Internationally
Founding Team: Johan Dirker, Ben Van Rooyen

About Visiosoft

Founded in 2016 by electronics engineer Johan Dirker and microcontroller programmer Ben Van Rooyen, Visiosoft stands as a distinguished South African enterprise specializing in the design, development, and manufacturing of IoT devices. The company’s inception in Bellville marked the genesis of a transformative journey, steering away from its initial focus on the defense industry to emerge as a prominent player in communications infrastructure. Armed with a diverse portfolio of technology products, Visiosoft has strategically cultivated a network of resellers and distributors, solidifying its presence not only at a national level but also on the international stage.

Committed to the delivery of user-friendly, easily deployable, and communication-centric products, Visiosoft’s success is underpinned by innovative firmware and agnostic communication design, facilitating the seamless digitization of analog infrastructure. As a manifestation of technical acumen, Visiosoft has charted its course with precision, focusing on a foundational firmware layer before delving into hardware design and subsequent optimization. Guided by market insights, the company has iteratively manufactured and refined its offerings, honing a strategic approach to drive product adoption. Fundamental pillars supporting Visiosoft’s ascent include the emphasis on ease of use, reliable communications, and the consistent availability of accessible stock—a trifecta that has contributed significantly to the company’s success in the IoT landscape.

Value Proposition

Visiosoft’s primary value proposition is characterized by its unwavering dedication to providing clients with cutting-edge connected technologies. Through a meticulously curated ecosystem of products and technology stacks, Visiosoft has the unique ability to push various data/sensor sources into local and cloud-based services using existing, custom and leading edge communication technologies. Distinguished by a streamlined ZAR cost base, Visiosoft achieves a competitive pricing point comparable to European and local counterparts. The company’s distinctiveness lies in the intricate nature of its intellectual property—a fusion of reference designs, processes, and firmware IP that pose formidable barriers to replication. By prioritizing a robust firmware layer and methodically refining its offerings based on market insights, Visiosoft has cultivated a sustainable competitive advantage. As it seeks growth capital and international expansion with the support of Savant, Visiosoft is poised to redefine the hardware technology landscape with its innovative and reliable product suite.


Johan Dirker

Johan, the CEO of Visiosoft, is a seasoned Hardware and Software Architect with a BEng Degree from the University of Stellenbosch (2002). Renowned for expertise in rugged computing and sensor applications, he has successfully led programs for esteemed entities like Tellumat and Denel. With a strategic approach emphasizing custom design implementations in both software and hardware, Johan continues to drive Visiosoft’s commitment to innovation and excellence in the IoT and connected technologies sector.

Ben van Rooyen

As Visiosoft’s CTO, Ben boasts over a decade of experience in the commercial industry. Beginning in the retail sector, he excelled in analysis, design, and implementation before freelancing across diverse sectors like agriculture, finance, and education. Joining an esteemed luxury packaging company, Ben initiated an in-house IT department, focusing on adapting to dynamic business needs and connecting global offices. His collaboration with Visio Technologies on defense and commercial applications has further fortified his firmware development skills. Proficient in various programming languages and devices, Ben’s role as Software Architect is marked by his commitment to technological innovation, contributing significantly to Visiosoft’s success in the evolving landscape of commercialized technology.

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