Veggie Crisp

Founded: 2012
Partnered: 2012
Sector: Food and beverage
Industry: Snacks and health foods
Stage: Venture & Grow Locally
Market size: Global: >700 million€ Local: >€7 million
Differentiation: Novel patented process; >47% less fat; Natural flavours; globally superior product
Investment Stage: Capacity building for local and international scaling
Team: Michaelo Melnyczuk, Gerard Cooke

About Veggie Crisp

Veggie Crisp has been refining the commercialisation of the process and manufacturing the final product since 2012. It holds an exclusive licence to the internationally registered patent, and is currently scaling up the manufacturing facility to meet local demand, as well as introducing new manufacturing methods to reduce costs and increase throughput.

Veggie Crisp currently operates on a “white label” manufacturing approach, they supply Woolworths locally. They have recently expanded to into the UK through Marks and Spencers and are exploring opportunities to launch their own label into Middle East markets in the next couple of months.

Value Proposition

Consumers are becoming more health-conscious and more aware of the nutritional content of their food. The demand for non-synthetic foods is increasing. These popular health trends have created an opportunity for vegetable crisps as an alternative, healthier, premium-priced snack food. Competing vegetable crisp manufacturers typically use frying methods that offer limited temperature control mechanisms – with high heat and energy requirements. This causes partial burning, removes natural flavours and requires synthetic additives for completion. The result is increased production costs and lower efficiencies, coupled with inferior end-products.

Veggie Crisp’s innovative, patented solution operates at lower temperatures, with no burning of the product, no acrylamide formation and lower production energy consumption. Plus, the products retain their natural flavour and can be over 47% less fatty than traditional potato chip brands. End-consumers enjoy delectable, far superior treats that contain no added sugar or artificial flavours and are low on both carbohydrates and calories


Michaelo Melnyczuk

Michaelo Melnyczuk is an expert in the field of food technology and innovation and the brain behind the leading patented technologies upon which Veggie Crisp has been built.

Gerard Cooke

Gerard Cooke is the managing director. He oversees the strategic and operational implementation of the technologies and its outputs in a manufacturing and commercial context.

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