Year Partnered with Savant: 2023
Sector:  Security tech
Application: Security and Surveillance
Product:  SmartFence is a cutting-edge security solution tailored for taut wire fences, focusing on the imperative need for heightened fence security worldwide.
Market Size: (Local) ZAR 5,6 Billion (Global) USD 42 billion
Differentiation: Novel tension-based perimeter intrusion detection system (PIDS)
Investment Stage:  Pre-Seed
Stage:  Technology Development
Founding Team: Richard Davis, Isheanesu Zvikaramba, Davis Ngosi, Cameron Davis, Mastiche Banele Banda

About SmartFence

Comdatech (Pty) Ltd, the driving force behind SmartFence, an award-winning smart perimeter detection system, is set to revolutionize security. Their expertise extends beyond SmartFence, with a core focus on crafting customized AI and IoT solutions, including projects in dam and water monitoring, soil moisture applications, and innovative orchard management stations and pest control systems.

Recognizing the crucial aspect of seamless integration, Comdatech has pioneered Local LPWANs (Low Power Wide Area Networks). These networks facilitate the integration of additional sensors into clients’ systems, aligning with specific needs and expansion goals. Comdatech’s LPWANs offer a comprehensive approach, combining hardware and cloud-based interfaces to provide end-to-end “Smart Tech” solutions across Security, Water, Agritech, and Environmental sectors. With a dynamic team of young engineers and computer scientists, Comdatech is committed to research and development, offering not just innovation but a partnership that empowers businesses to thrive in the digital era. Welcome to the future of technology, welcome to Comdatech.

Value Proposition

Comdatech’s SmartFence stands out as an accessible and practical security enhancement, offering precise breach location identification and minimizing false alarms. Its affordability, independence from mains electricity, and adaptability to various fence types make it an ideal choice for industry, personal, and national security applications. As a significant advancement in global security technology, SmartFence not only contributes to enhanced security but also holds the potential to foster economic growth, job creation, and environmental sustainability.
Comdatech’s commitment to knowledge transfer and wildlife conservation efforts further solidifies SmartFence’s role as a pioneering solution with far-reaching implications for the future of security systems.


Richard Davis

Richard, a former farmer adds agricultural and forestry knowledge to the team. Having resided and worked in the heartland of citrus and macadamia country for over two decades, his extensive farming network serves as a testament to his experience. Additionally, Richard’s previous profession in insurance and loss adjusting further deepens his comprehension of the challenges farmers face in safeguarding their lands and families.

Isheanesu Zvikaramba

Isheanesu Zvikaramba is a qualified Software Engineer and Data Scientist, holding a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science and Mathematics. A drive for self-sustainability and work in professional Front-End Development, enabled him to fund his own studies. A multi-talented, open-minded individual who has a lust to learn.

Davis Ngosi

Award Winning #1 UCT student, BSc Mechanical Engineer and Mechanical Specialist. Davis Ngosi has a continuously evolving technical skill set that enables him to apply technological solutions in all aspects of his life. His life experience has seen him in Malawi teaching the A-level Physics, Chemistry, and Maths at the High School level and includes Computational Fluid Dynamics undertaken while studying his Mechanical Engineering degree.

Cameron Davis

Cameron completed his BSc Mechatronics Engineering degree at UCT in 2023. His strengths lie in Edge Computing & Tiny ML and he is passionate about Biomimicry. Cameron is a driven individual who pushes himself to meet the personal high standards he sets. This has seen him successfully achieve academically within his Mechatronic Degree at UCT. Cameron demonstrates strong leadership qualities and a deep fervour for empowering individuals with limited opportunities.

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