Founded: 2017
Partnered: 2022
Sector: Energy
Industry: Information and communication technology (ICT)
Product: Digital Platform to facilitate transaction between buyers and sellers of LP gas.
Market Size: (SA) ZAR 1,5 Billion
Differentiation: Provide uninterrupted supply of LPG by connecting local buyers and sellers through a digital platform that monitors LPG usage and predicts refilling of cylinders.
Investment Stage: Seed
Stage: Venture & Grow Locally
Team: Kamogelo Rudolph Mapulane

About ShisiGas

ShisiGas operates in the LPG market and seeks to improve access to alternative energy to electricity by ensuring reliable supply of LPG. Through a vetting process, ShisiGas registers suppliers and end-users on the digital platform and this allows ShisiGas to generate revenue through end-user subscription fee.

To-date ShisiGas have completed over 3700 deliveries through a network of 52 resellers. The main objective for ShisiGas is to improve accessibility to LPG to all SA and make it easy for new LPG suppliers to enter the market.

Value Proposition

A Digital Platform Composed of a network of accredited & reliable gas resellers/dealers. ShisiGas digital platform on-board local LPG resellers/dealers to ensure fast, safe and convenient LPG delivery to consumers. The objective is to improve accessibility of safe gas usage while supporting operations of gas resellers.


Kamogelo Rudolph Mapulane

Kamogelo Mapulane is the founder and CEO of ShisiGas. He currently runs the company alongside a team composed of an administrator who takes calls and performs administrative duties in the office.

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