Shemesh Health

Founded: 2015
Partnered: 2022
Sector: Health Technology
Industry: Industrial Biotechnology
Product: 3D Joint ROM
Market Size: (SA) ZAR 1 billion (G) $ 22 billion
Differentiation: Focussed on Poly-Greenhouses, Highly unique weather algorithms, Multi-positioning, Modular scalability
Investment Stage: Seed
Stage: Venture & Grow Locally
Team: Stephen Meyerowitz and Alan Keschner

About Shemesh Health

Shemesh Health is a South African MedTech business that is passionate about using technology to improve access to high-quality medical care and to provide solutions for measurement and rehabilitative treatment of movement related issues.

Shemesh Health sells multiple products in the health industry and has amongst others, produced, a premier visual acuity and ocular performance suite of products.

Value Proposition

This unique and custom technology solution empowers medical professionals to gather movement data with proprietary Bluetooth sensors and stream it in real-time to a smartphone or tablet and instantly share 3D models and reporting to EMR systems or referring doctors. The solution allows for both in-practice and remote monitoring of patients and their recovery.


Stephen Meyerowitz

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Stephen is the founder and CTO of Shemesh Health and has Bcom honors in Information systems from WITS university. Stephen has a long history of developing solutions and selling into the international marketplace. Stephen worked as a consultant to CGS financial technologies before becoming the development manager of a team of 6 developers. In the early 2000’s he started developing software for the medical industry and has continued to develop 4 products for this industry.

Alan Keschner

Chief Executive Officer

Alan is the CEO of Shamesh Health and has engineering, industrial administration and business degrees. He was previously in numerous executive permanent and interim MD/CEO roles in both private and listed companies, including executive and non-executive board representation, with both South African and international exposure.

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