Sensor Networks

Year partnered with Savant: 2022
Sector: Energy Tech
Industry: Smart Homes; Energy
Product:  Aftermarket device for existing installations, integrating an array of sensors and a controller unit with motorized valves.
Market Size: (Local) ZAR 10 billion (Global) USD 126 billion
Differentiation: Proprietary technology stack and distribution
Investment Stage: Seed
Stage: Venture & Grow Locally
Founding Team: Mark Allewell, Jonathan Meyer, Francesco Stemmet, Uwais Asmal

About Sensor Networks

Founded by Mark Allewell, Sensor Networks emerged from a visionary pursuit to revolutionize insurance claim processes. Initially exploring a key fob locator for vehicles, the company pivoted in response to insurer feedback, focusing on minimizing burst geyser claim costs. With a defined price point, Sensor’s team crafted a groundbreaking solution that transformed into a connected geyser offering—an aftermarket innovation retrofitted onto existing installations for heightened monitoring and automated interventions.

The connected geyser solution, featuring an array of sensors and a controller unit with motorized valves, seamlessly integrates with a user-friendly mobile app. This comprehensive system empowers users to adjust water temperatures, monitor electricity and water usage, and schedule activations. The resulting reduction in consequential damage on geyser claims streamlines insurance processes, with the company establishing a notable presence through seven appointed distributors, including major insurers like Nedbank. Sensor Networks envisions expanding its product line to encompass smart security, fire alarms, connected plugs, and more, further embedding itself in the connected-home ecosystem.

Value Proposition

Sensor Networks stands as a pioneering smart home management company, offering a unique ecosystem that empowers users to efficiently manage energy, security, and living conditions. The flagship connected geyser solution, endorsed by major insurers, reduces consequential damage on geyser claims, streamlining the replacement process. Integrated with service providers, Sensor Networks provides a centralized point of engagement, allowing customers to automate energy management and mitigate risks related to security, fire, and water damage. The company’s commitment to innovation, proprietary technology, and strategic partnerships positions Sensor Networks as a leader in simplifying smart-home management and enhancing overall customer value.


Mark Allewell

Mark Allewell, Founder and CEO of Sensor Networks, is a seasoned entrepreneur with a proven track record. He successfully founded Tourism Radio, a location-based audio-hardware company, which was later acquired by the Wella Hair Care family of Germany in 2007. Leveraging his entrepreneurial expertise, Mark established Sensor Networks to address insurance risks, starting with smart geysers and expanding into holistic home solutions. Under his leadership, Sensor Networks has become a leader in smart home management, showcasing Mark’s commitment to innovation and consumer benefit.

Jonathan Meyer

Jonathan is a highly skilled professional with a strong background in business systems development, project management, and content production. With a decade of experience, he has excelled in roles spanning the Internet of Things, publishing, and travel industries. Jonathan holds a BA from the University of Cape Town, focusing on media and writing. His expertise includes business strategy, future-proofing, project management, and copy editing. With a proven track record, Jonathan is a valuable asset, bringing a comprehensive skill set and commitment to excellence to every endeavor.

Francesco Stemmet

Francesco is a dedicated professional with 15 years of diverse management experience, spanning Property Management, Travel and Tourism, Retail, and his personal hobby. His expertise in Bookkeeping, Financial Management, Business Development, Project Management, and Quality Assurance, coupled with five years as Chief Operating Officer (COO), demonstrates his proficiency in business disciplines, budgeting, forecasting, and scenario analysis. With a positive and results-driven approach, Francesco is poised to be a valuable asset to any team, bringing a wealth of experience to every endeavor.

Uwais Asmal

Uwais, the Chief Financial Officer at Sensor Networks, is a Chartered Accountant with diverse expertise in digital marketing, property, asset management, finance, and start-ups. Specializing in optimizing financial health, he excels in reducing taxes, achieving sales targets, and fostering growth through strategic financial management. Uwais, raised in a multicultural environment, is dedicated to addressing inequality and unemployment in South Africa through active participation in charitable initiatives. Besides his financial leadership, he is an avid sportsperson currently preparing for his next ultramarathon.

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