Mia Healthcare

Year Partnered with Savant: 2023
Sector: Med-tech
Industry: Healthcare Services
Product: Mia offers mobile dentistry services to schools and corporates from their sites through mobile clinics. The company also 3D-prints clear aligners for treatment regimes.
Market Size: (Local) ZAR 5.6 billion (Global) USD 26 billion
Differentiation: Seamless on-site operations, proprietary technology stack and innovative business model
Investment Stage: Pre-Seed
Stage: Venture & Grow Locally
Founding Team:  Zane Stenning, Karishma Soni, Phumodzo Tshigabe, Joshua Ngwarai

About Mia Healthcare

Founded in 2021 by dental professionals Dr. Stenning, Dr. Tsigabe, and Dr. Soni, Mia Health Technologies (Mia) is reshaping South African dental healthcare. Recognizing challenges like costly orthodontic treatments and outdated dental practices, Mia pioneers accessibility and affordability. Mobile clinics provide cutting-edge on-site services to schools, corporates, and the public, reducing disruption to daily life.

Complemented by Mia Clear Aligners, designed for African markets, and an upcoming Mia App set to streamline dental practices, Mia Health Technologies is paving the way for inclusive, innovative, and affordable dental solutions. Having treated over 500 patients in its first year and establishing collaborations with businesses and educational institutions, Mia is poised to redefine the landscape of dental healthcare in the region.

Value Proposition

Mia Health Technologies revolutionizes dental care by offering a seamless and affordable experience. With Mia’s mobile dentistry, patients can access on-site dental services without disruption to their daily schedules. Mia Clear Aligners, tailored for the African developing markets, eliminate middlemen, reducing production costs and making orthodontic treatments more accessible.
The Mia App, still in development, aims to simplify dental practices by digitizing patient records, treatment plans, communication, medical aid claims, and payment plans. With collaborations with businesses, schools, and higher education institutions, Mia is at the forefront of bringing inclusive dental care to South Africa, emphasizing affordability, accessibility, and innovation.


Dr. Zane Stenning

CEO and Co-founder, Dr. Zane Stenning is a medical doctor with an impressive background in medicine and brings a unique perspective to Mia. Having graduated from Wits, his passion for business and entrepreneurship has played a crucial role in propelling the Mia’s growth. Motivated by a desire to make a positive impact, he adeptly combines his medical expertise with his business acumen to ensure the team’s success in navigating the dynamic healthcare landscape.

Dr. Karishma Soni

COO and Co-founder, Dr. Karishma Soni is an experienced Dentist with a wealth of knowledge in the field of dentistry and orthodontics. Having graduated from Wits, her unwavering dedication to the dental profession is widely recognized, making her an influential figure in shaping Mia’s dental strategies. Dr. Soni’s passion for providing top-notch dental care fuels her unwavering commitment to delivering excellence and innovation in the field of orthodontics.

Dr. Phumudzo Tshigabe

Co-Founder and Head of Mobile Clinics, Dr. Phumudzo Tshigabe is an experienced medical doctor and the driving force behind Mia’s mobile clinics. Having graduated from Wits, his deep passion for both medicine and cars has been the catalyst behind his mission to revolutionize healthcare accessibility. Emphasizing mobility and innovation, Dr. Tshigabe takes a leading role in expanding the company’s reach and impact by implementing state-of-the-art mobile clinic solutions.

Joshua Ngwarai

CTO and tech visionary at Mia, Joshua is a Rhodes graduate in Computer Science and Information Systems & Blockchain. During his initial consultation in the mobile clinic, he fell in love with Mia’s idea for the Dental Marketplace app, which led him to joining the team. Joshua is at the helm, driving the development of this innovative platform, and his expertise and passion are spearheading a revolution in the dental industry. Joshua is incentivised through a combination of a salary and sweat equity, linked to the upside of the SaaS product.

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